Family Assessment

Get Sober and Stay Sober Family Assessment

If your loved one’s drinking or substance abuse has caused noticeable difficulties and disruption in your home, please consider taking this short assessment. The questionnaire is completely confidential. It may be difficult to look at some of the questions, but it could be your first step toward finding help.

1. Have you sent your child to multiple drug rehabs with no results?*
2. Do you step in to take care of their responsibilities?*
3. Are you regularly making excuses or covering up for your child?*
4. Do other family member feel like they're walking on eggshells in the home?*
5. Do you base your schedule or decisions around your child or spouse?*
6. Do you pay for their rent, bills, car, food, or provide other forms of financial support? *
7. Are there money problems because of your child or spouse's substance use? *
8. Do you make threats then find yourself unable to follow through on them?*
9. Do you stay up at night worried about getting "the call"?*
10. Does it feel like you can't take any more, yet you find yourself trying again?*
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