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Drug addiction is a complex, complicated condition. Effective drug rehab requires more than an expensive 7-day detox and 30-day inpatient program. While these aspects are helpful tools, the life-changing solution you seek exists in the everyday moments of life. 


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Determine your desired outcome, uncover what has held you back, and outline your individualized path to healing.


Take Action


Implement the plan, develop a strong foundation for recovery, and make adjustments as needed when problems arise.


Ongoing Support


Develop consistency through accountability, stay connected with the process and continue building your life in recovery.

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Prioritizing Your Recovery.

Emerge Recovery ensures you don’t end up lost in the traditional treatment shuffle. We take a one-on-one approach to make sure you receive the help you need every step of the way. You never need to manage your recovery alone again; Emerge is here to walk you over the bridge from struggle to a solution.

Bringing Focus Back 01
Building a Bridge

Bringing Focus Back to the Individual

Too often treatment facilities lose sight of the individuals they exist to help. Recovery Navigator brings the focus back to your loved one and determines the best services for their individual needs. We serve as your family’s shipmate along the way, building a bridge between their struggle and the solution.

Emerge Son and Father
Building a Bridge

A Family Affair

Emerge Recovery also recognizes that healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Treatment plans miss a major part of the equation when they neglect to involve the whole family. This gap left by traditional treatment approaches is one we care deeply about at Emerge Recovery. If you’re the family member of a loved one with a substance problem, Emerge is for you, too.

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