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Recovery is a journey, not a destination. 

40-60% of people with a substance use disorder relapse at some point according to data published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. These alarming rates show that the current approach to addiction treatment isn’t as effective as we might hope. 

When research shows that up to 3 out of 5 people relapse and go back to using drugs instead of staying clean and sober, it’s time to acknowledge those still slipping through the cracks.

At the same time, another survey showed that relapse rates plummeted to less than 15% among AA members with at least five years of sobriety. Whether that’s directly related to the 12-step program or not, there’s something to be said about the momentum that comes with long-term recovery.

So the crux of the problem lies in bridging the gap between those excruciating first few months of clean time and rewarding sobriety that lasts beyond a few years. How can we construct a path that keeps fewer falling off to the side along the way?

That’s what Emerge Recovery is here to do.

Unpacking the Alarming Relapse Rates

Why are relapse rates so high? Surely the incredible potency and highly addictive nature of the substances available today is a factor. Fentanyl, a drug 50 times more powerful than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine, now dominates the illegal drug market. It’s not only made its way into heroin and other opiate supplies; dealers often cut it into stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine, too.

Trying to replicate the high that drugs induce while sober is almost impossible. Abusing drugs all but destroys the natural neural reward pathways and dopamine production in your brain. Anyone who uses hard drugs, even recreationally, knows that life loses a little bit of its color the day after a binge. Imagine the way it dulls the world after months or years of abuse.

Now add severe withdrawal symptoms (“dope sickness”) when quitting drugs and you have a real problem on your hands. Between losing a sense of wonder and excitement for life along with feeling like you’ve been hit by a train every time you stop using, it’s little wonder people continue chasing the retreat into their dream world that’s found in a little baggie of powder.

The Emerge Difference

Many professional addiction treatment facilities fail to address this gap between early days of clean time and years of sobriety. They’ve mastered the “30-, 60-, 90-day stay” but these systems miss the opportunity to support clients in their long-term recovery. 

Emerge has found that addiction treatment programs often fall short in both the pre-treatment and aftercare phases. They tout their aftercare plans but how many truly follow through? Research shows that sustained recovery seems to be the key to success, but professional programs tend to pass this vital responsibility off to community support groups like 12-step.

There is an effective solution to this critical problem. 

Emerge Recovery creates lasting transformation because we don’t base our approach on surface-level solutions like triage or harm reduction. We built our program around a system that carefully digs down to the levels deep below these temporary fixes. We focus on the decisive pre-treatment and post-care stages, implementing long-term support protocols that many traditional recovery programs neglect.

Recovery fails in a cookie-cutter system. It forces individuals to adapt to the limited options available. Our system sets them on the path with a unique course of action specific to their recovery goals, then supports them through the process and beyond in a truly individualized and tailored approach to comprehensive wellness and long-term recovery.

Ready to Bridge the Gap?

Recovery Navigation is the service that charts the course before your loved one attends treatment and then keeps them centered in their journey after the treatment facility fulfills its role. But our services only start there; Emerge Recovery offers much more than that.

Emerge works with families to bring the root causes of addiction to light. With a distinct focus on the role of inter-family codependency, we work with you to help the addict find sobriety as we transform the entire family unit. The entire family system rewires as a result of the work, not just the individual in recovery, which creates change that lasts.

Pointing fingers at the person with addiction as the sole cause of the problem exacerbates the underlying struggles. Only a deep dive using individualized solutions results in sustained healing for the entire family. Intensive involvement in both the pre-treatment and post-care stages will bring about lasting change missing in your family.

Take our free Get Sober and Stay Sober Family Assessment to determine just how well your family is doing as a whole. Or are you ready to bridge the gap for your loved one and take the next step for your family? Schedule your no-fee 30-minute Recovery Activation call with us today to get clear on exactly what is holding you back.

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