The Power of a Rite of Passage

There are a lot of different factors involved in someone’s recovery from addiction. Each day brings new challenges that need to be overcome to stay on a healthy path to sobriety. However, it is this challenge that makes recovery worth the time that one spends in therapy. There is a power in having to pass through a rite of passage in recovery. Despite the difficulties, there is strength in overcoming each and every one of the trials that someone experiences on their own recovery path. Going through these rites of passage instills power and motivation in each person to continue pushing forward through future challenges to come.

How Horses Help With Addiction Recovery

Horses hold a powerful and essential role in equine therapy as both a member of a team and as a mirror to someone’s own self-discovery and progress. Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a difficult journey that’s not always easy to share with another person. Equine therapy uses horses in several ways to instill the skills necessary for an effective recovery.

Why Use Equine Therapy?

Finding the right kind of treatment based on the personal needs of each client is essential. Not everyone will respond to the same outline of recovery. Keeping programs malleable and options plentiful is important in establishing a recovery path. Equine therapy is just one of these options that can be used on its own or in conjunction with other modalities of treatment, and comes with unique benefits that set it apart from other forms of mental health and addiction treatment.

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